Announcing the Launch of Katie & Dad Productions / by Arthur Trope

Katie and Dad Announce the Launch of Katie & Dad Productions

New Multimedia and Entertainment Company

First release is titled Katherine's Bike Was Wonderfully Strange, the tale of the world’s best

player of hide-and-go-seek



[SEATTLE] -- January 14, 2017 -- Katie and Dad today announced the formation of a new multimedia and entertainment company, Katie & Dad Productions. The new business launches with offices in Katie's room and Dad’s chair in the den.

The first release from Katie & Dad Productions is Katherine's Bike Was Wonderfully Strange, the poetic tale of a girl and her magic bicycle, which changes the weather whenever she changes gears. 

Katherine G. Belle, who brings extensive experience in art and art supply purchasing, will serve as Editor-in-Chief. Jeff Belle, who took several creative writing classes in college, will serve as Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief. 

"I'm super excited about this," Ms. Belle said. "Can we go to the art store? And then Office Depot?"

"Sure," said Mr. Belle. 

An initial round of funding totaled just over $23 and came from Ms. Belle's allowance and several years of compensation for lost teeth. These funds will be allocated toward start-up costs, including 11x11 canvasses, three ring binders, a hole punch, an assortment of washable tempera paints and multi-packs of pastel-colored Post-It notes. 

Major expansions are planned, including the addition of several part-time, unpaid editorial and administrative positions. The labor market in the immediate vicinity of the current offices looks promising. 



Katie & Dad Productions is an independent multimedia and entertainment company based in Seattle, Washington, specializing in poems about weather-changing bicycles.



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Ms. Belle with the cover reveal for Katherine's Bike Was Wonderfully Strange.

Ms. Belle with the cover reveal for Katherine's Bike Was Wonderfully Strange.