freeda the cheetah

Booklist review for Freeda the Cheetah [1/8/18] by Arthur Trope

"This fun tale of animals playing hide-and-go-seek on the African savanna highlights a standout player whose name gives the picture book its title, Freeda the Cheetah.  "The very best player of/ hide-and-go-seek/ was Freeda the Cheetah/ of Mozambique," writes the author.

As the other animals are found one by one, Freeda remains hidden. The story concludes with Freeda carefully concealed behind a bush, and an interactive challenge posed for readers to find her.   

The book's writing is simple, rhyming and rhythmic, and contains clever, Suessian turns: "No one knows where she hides/ but they know where she doesn't/ because the places they looked/ were the places she wasn't."

This is an uncomplicated, enjoyable experience for young readers with excellent, full color, computer-aided illustrations and well-designed two-page spreads. The book's final page features a charming, hand-drawn map of Africa, showing the location of Mozambique and the continent's other countries.

Freeda the Cheetah takes a simple concept and executes it with aplomb. The result is a delightful read for elementary school-level children." -Booklist/BlueInk Review