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I Don’t like to Eat Ants

Join the Anteater Duo on their way to the Peanut Butter & Jelly Deli.

Anteater One is one adventurous eater. He'll try anything - a grilled cheese sandwich, a cinnamon bun, or a chocolate cake - but he's eaten his last ant. Anteater Two only wants ants to eat. And so they enter into a lively debate about the best food for an anteater, until (at the urging of two very relieved ants) they finally agree to go together to Anteater Three's Peanut Butter & Jelly Deli to try something new - a world-famous peanut butter-&-jelly sandwich. Sabine Mielke's beautiful, stylized illustrations accompany JTK Belle's rhyming, laugh-out-loud text, in this charming, relatable, story. A perfect read-aloud for picky-eaters and adventurous eaters alike.

[Recommended for ages 2-6]

Katherine’s Bike Was Wonderfully Strange

When she shifted the gears, the weather would change!

Katherine's new bike has magical powers. Lifting the seat will hoist up the moon, and the tires will fill up like hot air balloons. Spinning the handles around on their bars, while ringing the bell will bring out the stars. It even controls the weather. Around the neighborhood and into the starry sky above, Katherine's bike takes her on a magical adventure. Beautifully-illustrated, with a whimsical, rhyming text, Katherine's Bike is a perfect read-aloud for the end of the day. (Recommended for ages 2-5)

Tommy O’Tom in a Tub O’Trouble

"Tommy O'Tom was taking a bath, when in walked a hippo and then a giraffe..."
In this charming bedtime read-aloud, a bathtub full of mischievous zoo animals does their best to thwart Tommy O'Tom's bedtime preparations, and leave him to explain a bathroom mess to his puzzled mother. Written by JTK Belle in a laugh-out-loud, rhythmic text, and beautifully-illustrated by Mike Motz. (Recommended for ages 2-5.)

Freeda the Cheetah

Who is the world's best player of hide-and-go-seek? Freeda the Cheetah from Mozambique!

Kids love animals. And what child doesn't love a good game of hide-and-go-seek? But who is the world's very best player of hide-and-go-seek? Why, Freed the Cheetah, of course. Freeda the Cheetah of Mozambique.

Freeda the Cheetah is a delightful children's picture book starring Freeda, the most elusive animal of all.

As the elephant covers his eyes with his trunk and counts to a hundred, the animals of the savanna scatter in every direction. Elephant finds every one of them, from the hippo in the muddy water to the monkeys behind the bananas. But he just can't find that unfindable cheetah. Soon all the other animals join in on the search - even the lion and the blue wildebeests - as the colors of the savanna begin to fade into the evening. Will they find her before bedtime?

"She had stripes on her face and spots all around. And when she would hide, she could never be found..."

Beautifully-illustrated, with mesmerizing scenes of the African savanna, the richly colored pages of this wonderful little animal tale are coupled with a charming and whimsical rhyming text. Kids will love joining the animals in the search for the crafty Freeda, who "runs like the wind and walks like the breeze."

"No one knows where she hides, but they know where she doesn't -
because the places they looked were the places she wasn't!"

A perfect read-aloud for the end of the day, children will delight in this singsong story of Freeda the Cheetah from Mozambique, the world's very best player of hide-and-go-seek. (Ages 0-6. Includes a map of Africa in the end paper for an early geography lesson.)